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Back Yard Getaway

The project began with a consultation with a designer from Airo Landscape Design. The client was looking for a low maintenance, relaxing outdoor entertaining space that was to include an area for their Bar and BBQ, hot tub, and a fire pit where they would sit in their existing furniture. They wanted the space to function for both small and larger gatherings of people and wished for there to be an easy flow between the different elements of the space. The area they wished to develop had an existing concrete retaining wall made from large scale blocks as well as a timber fence that served as a barrier between the driveway and backyard space. These elements combined to create a confined and uninviting space to entertain.

The space now has been transformed into a warm, intimate and inviting outdoor living area. To create hierarchy, reduce visual clutter and define the different areas for programming, we created a two tiered space, where the different areas of activity wrap around one another in an organic yin yang pattern. The difference in elevation also allowed us to break up the strong visual element of the concrete block retaining wall. The layout of the space creates flow and visual connections no matter where you are sitting. The natural wooded surrounding was influential in choosing a local stone product for the patio and retaining wall. The planting beds follow the curvilinear lines and provide additional definition between the areas and soften the rugged stone.

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