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Kensington Residence

This contemporary space is not only a retreat and place for relaxation; it also celebrates the garden itself . This design beautifully demonstrates the juxtaposition of clean lines and graceful curves.


A grand entrance to the garden is created with a framed area that has been planted with a specimen shrub of the client's choosing, a space that celebrates nature as art. In addition to providing privacy, the fence also creates a strong visual element in the space by jutting back and forth; weaving its way between the existing trees. This idea breaks from the traditional fence that would follow the property line, thus adding a dynamic energy to the garden. The graphic soldier course, installed at an angle to the fence, mimics the shadow of the fence, framing the garden beds that wrap the perimeter of the space.


As you meander through the garden you come upon a large stone seating area embraced by a semicircular water feature and small waterfall, bringing the calming element of water into the space as Victoria Lake is seen in the distance, creating a relaxing space to sit and enjoy the garden.


St. John's, NL


AIRO Landscapes


O'Neill's Gardenland

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