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Larch Place Residence

Using natural stone to complement the exterior character of the home, we created an entrance that evoked a traditional look that the clients wanted. We combined formal garden design elements with a cozy urban aesthetic. One of the biggest challenges for this space was working with the existing grades. We had to bring the scale of the home down to feel as though it melts into its landscape. The house is built on a steep incline with an existing garage at street level and the main door above that. With 24 steps needed, we decided to make this transition as easy as possible by adding most of the steps at the bottom of the stairs and closer towards the door with less steps and more landings in the middle to break up the climb. Choosing a cooler colour pallet, for the stone, to complement the existing colour of the home was also important.


Other considerations included adding the Heaths and Heathers. They were chosen for their evergreen characteristic and their colourful blooms. Some flower in late spring, while some bloom in late summer creating interest throughout the growing season.


St. John's, NL


AIRO Landscapes


AIRO Landscapes

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