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Lawlor Residence


St. John's, NL

Design Team

AIRO Landscapes

Construction Team

AIRO Landscapes

For this design-build project we created a contemporary outdoor space to hang out and enjoy, a space the Client couldn’t wait to visit. The main area of the design is a fire pit lounge area, with a secondary area with a vegetable garden, with several access points to and from these areas. All the areas are all on different levels, to create a more layered feel to the garden to help everyone gradually transition through the spaces. The levels help take away from the height difference from the house to the garden from the upper deck / main floor of the house. The lounge area has a large outdoor relaxation space with a warm cozy fire pit and a specimen garden surrounding it to add interest. This area has access to lower grassy play area for the children who wish to run and play. In this space there is a garden bed surrounding a stunning existing birch tree, up lit by landscape lighting. The area has a low garden wall with a mass planting of Stella D’Oro Daylilies. The area off the main lounge area is a family vegetable garden. 

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