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Andrea Rowe 
B.A., B.Env.Des. (Land. Arch.), RSE (Land. Hort.)
Managing Director of AIRO Landscapes Inc.
Senior Environmental Designer

David Collins AET
Senior  Project Manager
Landscape Architectural Engineering Technologist

Donald Gosse
Lead Landscape
Construction Manager

Specializing in Landscape Architecture combined with her experience working directly in the construction industry, Andrea takes a unique hands on approach with projects working toward exceptional standards in a design-build niche. Andrea prides her ability to analyze spaces using the language of design. She is able to uniquely express the dreams of the client by creating beautiful harmonious outdoor spaces suited just for them.

David Collins is well versed in the construction industry with over 15 years of experience as an Architectural Engineering Technologist and Project Manager. David takes landscape architectural designs through to construction in a turnkey fashion. David specializes in vector-based design programs such as Auto CAD, Autodesk Re­vit, and Vectorworks Landmark to create working drawings and 2D and 3D designs. 

Don has been in the Landscape Construction Industry for over 25 years and is highly skilled in building high quality landscapes. His passion lies in the challenge of taking landscape designs through to construction. Don takes pride in the details. He keeps projects on budget and on time, managing product procurement, sched­uling and abiding by all provincial safety policies and regulations, as well as Construction Building Standards.


El Martinez
Junior Landscape Designer

El is a graduate of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Guelph and  is passionate about horticulture and landscape ecology. With years spent working at garden centres and volunteering an outdoor school, he is highly adept in plant identification and enjoys the lifelong learning one finds in plants and the area of landscape architecture at large.


Justin Lockyer
Landscape Construction Worker


Charles Cranford
Junior Landscape Construction Lead

Charles is one of our up and coming landscape construction team leads. He takes on landscaping with enthusiasm and is skilled at concrete product installation of pavers and retaining walls. He is also adept at plant installation and planting bed development. Charles focus is on building quality landscapes in accordance with Canadian building standards.


Josh Whelan
Junior Landscape Construction Lead

Josh is one of AIRO's landscape construction team leads. He is skilled with all types of hardscape products, from natural stone to concrete products and is adept at plant installation and planting bed development. Josh is dedicated to building quality landscapes according to all Canadian Buiding Standards. 


Landscape Construction Worker

Justin has been in the construction industry for 10 years. As one of our landscape construction workers he works closely with the team to build high quality landscapes. He brings his enthusiasim for hard work to the team and he can always be counted on to help get projects completed as efficiently as possible. Justin  is dedicated to creating landscapes that enhances our client's lives. 

Coming all the way from Ontario, Chase brings years of experience in landscaping and irrigation. He is involved in many aspects of the construction phase from stonework, to planting. Furthermore, his experience and passion for horticulture makes him a valuable part of our maintenance team as well.



Meghan McCarthy
B.A. RSE (Land. Hort.)
Landscape Horticultural Specialist
Landscape Maintenance Manager


Julia Schwarz
Landscape Architect 
Senior Planner


Jennifer Olah 
B.Env.Des. (Land. Arch)
Environmental Designer
Horticultural Advisor

Meghan is a Red Seal Landscape Horticultural Specialist. She spent time in environmental education and non-profit work before moving into the field of Landscape Horticulture. While completing her Red Seal, she was an instructor at the Pacific Horticulture College. It was through these experiences that she developed specialized knowledge in plant identification, and organic landscaping practises.

Julia, an associate of AIRO, is originally from Germany. Julia is a professional Landscape Architect and Planner with 20 years of experience in municipal and land use planning. Julia has worked both in the non-profit and public sector designing and building healthy communities, streetscapes, infrastructure, river systems, parks, gardens and trails.

Jennifer, an associate of AIRO, holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and is passionate about plants for both their aesthetic function and the integral role they play as a part of a diverse healthy ecosystem. She sees nature for its therapeutic and spiritual value as well as its limitless beauty and ability to enhance the quality of our lives.  

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