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Cedar Brae Residence

It is always a treat it is when you visit a client’s property, and you find a DANCE floor! The existing dance floor was a great focal point from which this design jumped off of. We created a space that embraced the dance floor but was in high contrast with it as well. The complementary effect of the circular platform with its distorted square pattern against the lounge area with a square cut paver pattern was the grounding that this space needed. There is now a curved pathway that wraps halfway around the dance floor which connects to the lounge area. The lounge area has a space for a bar table(s) and comfortable lounge chair seating. This area is also meant for an outdoor kitchen space / bar and dining. The striking and rigidly shaped lounge area against the fluidity of the dance floor area makes this a dynamic space to spend the evening entertaining friends and family until the wee hours of the morning. A great place for an ultimate outdoor party!


St. John's, NL


AIRO Landscapes

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