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Lawlor Residence

For this design-build project we created a contemporary outdoor living space the client could not wait to visit. The main part of the design is a lounge area with a cozy fire pit. This is adjacent to a vegetable garden, with several access points to and from all parts of the yard.

The design also feature a lower grassy area for the children who wish to run and play. In this space there is a garden bed surrounding a stunning mature birch tree that is up lit by landscape lighting. The area has a low garden wall with a striking mass planting of Stella D’Oro Daylilies.


The spaces are divided into levels that give a more layered feel to the garden and allow a gradual transition through them. The levels help take away from the height difference between the house and the garden and from the upper deck / main floor of the house.



St. John's, NL


AIRO Landscapes

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