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Why Landscape Lighting?

A well-thought lighting plan adds a warmth and comfort to any outdoor living space. Lighting will extend the day and the season of your garden. When it comes to outdoor lighting homeowners usually think about steps/porches, garages, and light posts, but why not consider landscape lighting!

Here are some reasons to consider installing landscape lighting:

  • Enhance Outdoor Living Areas: Using well-placed outdoor lighting will result in people gravitating outside. One of the greatest advantages to adding landscape lighting is the benefit of extending your living area from the interior to the exterior.

  • Create Focal Points: Landscape lighting significantly enhances the natural beauty and features of your property. Lighting can be used to highlight your home’s architectural elements, beautiful gardens, specimen trees & shrubs, outdoor art, or water features creating focal points throughout your outdoor space.

  • Safety: Landscape Lighting increases the site lines around the property and significantly improves the safety of individuals traversing decreasing the chances of someone tripping and falling.

  • Security: Landscape lighting also extends the visual footprint of a property improving security. Strategically placed landscape lighting, particularly boundary lighting on fences or hedges deters unwelcome guests Call us to help with a landscape lighting plan and installation!


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